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How can I subset rows in a data frame in R based on a vector of values?

I have two data sets that are supposed to be the same size but aren't. I need to trim the values from A that are not in B and vice versa in order to eliminate noise from a graph that's going into a report. (Don't worry, this data isn't being permanently deleted!)

I have read the following:

But I'm still not able to get this to work right. Here's my code:

bg2011missingFromBeg <- setdiff(x=eg2011$ID, y=bg2011$ID)
#attempt 1
eg2011cleaned <- subset(eg2011, ID != bg2011missingFromBeg)
#attempt 2
eg2011cleaned <- eg2011[!eg2011$ID %in% bg2011missingFromBeg]

The first try just eliminates the first value in the resulting setdiff vector. The second try yields and unwieldy error:

Error in `[.data.frame`(eg2012, !eg2012$ID %in% bg2012missingFromBeg)
: undefined columns selected

Answer Source

Does this give you what you want?

eg2011cleaned <- eg2011[!eg2011$ID %in% bg2011missingFromBeg, ]

The error in your second attempt is because you forgot the ,

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