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Getting wrong output in label

I have code that I have written, that has 3 labels for number of hurricanes, average hurricanes, and the year with the most hurricanes from a txt file. The code is working and the first 2 labels are displaying the correct results. However the last label is displaying the number of the year with the most hurricanes instead of the year.

Here is what I have:

Option Strict On

Public Class frmHurricaneStatistics

' Class level Private variables.
Public Shared _intSizeOfArray As Integer = 20
Private _strYears(_intSizeOfArray) As String
Private _intNumberOfHurricans(_intSizeOfArray) As Integer

Private Sub frmHurricaneStatistics_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs
) Handles MyBase.Load

' This load event reads the inventory text file and fills
' the ComboBox object with the Hurricane Statistics.

' Initialize an instace of the streamreader object and declare variables.
Dim objReader As IO.StreamReader
Dim strHurricaneStatistics As String = "Hurricanes.txt"
Dim intCount As Integer = 0
Dim intFill As Integer
Dim strFileError As String = "The file is not available. Please restart the
application when the file is available."

' Verify the Hurricane.txt file exists.
If IO.File.Exists(strHurricaneStatistics) Then
objReader = IO.File.OpenText(strHurricaneStatistics)

' Read the file line by line until the file is completed.
Do While objReader.Peek <> -1
_strYears(intCount) = objReader.ReadLine()
_intNumberOfHurricans(intCount) = Convert.ToInt32(objReader.ReadLine())
intCount += 1

' The ComboBox objext is filled with the Years for Hurricanes.
For intFill = 0 To (_strYears.Length - 1)
MsgBox(strFileError, , "Error")

' If ComboBox is filled then enable the Display Statistics button.
' btnDisplayStatistics.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub btnDisplayStatistics_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs
) Handles btnDisplayStatistics.Click

' This click event calls the sub procedures for the selected years and
' the number of hurricans in that year.
Dim intSelectedYear As Integer
Dim strMissingSelection As String = "Missing Selection"
Dim strSelectAYearError As String = "Please Select a Year"

' If the ComboBox object has a selection, Display Statistics.
If cmbYears.SelectedIndex >= 0 Then
intSelectedYear = cmbYears.SelectedIndex
MsgBox(strSelectAYearError, , strMissingSelection)
End If

' The procedure MakeLabelsVisible Is called to display the labels
' And the results.

Dim intAverage As Double
Dim intYear As Integer

For intIndex As Integer = 0 To _intNumberOfHurricans.Length - 1
If intYear < _intNumberOfHurricans(intIndex) Then
intYear = _intNumberOfHurricans(intIndex)
End If
intAverage = intAverage + _intNumberOfHurricans(intIndex)

intAverage = intAverage / _intNumberOfHurricans.Length

' Display the statistics for the Storm Average in the selected Year
' and the most active year within the range of year.

lblNumberOfHurricanes.Text = "The Number of Hurricanes in the Year " &
_strYears(intSelectedYear) & " is " & _intNumberOfHurricans(intSelectedYear).ToString() & "."
lblAvergeNumberHurricanes.Text = "The Average Number of Storms was " & FormatNumber(intAverage, 0) & " Hurricanes."
lblMostStorms.Text = "The Year " & intYear & " Had The Most Storms Between " & (
_strYears(20) & " And " & (_strYears(0).ToString))

End Sub

Private Sub MakeLabelsVisible()

' This procedure displays the labels with the calculated results
lblNumberOfHurricanes.Visible = True
lblAvergeNumberHurricanes.Visible = True
lblMostStorms.Visible = True

End Sub

Updated code.

Answer Source

Looks like you're just populating intYear with the number of hurricanes?

intYear = _intNumberOfHurricans(intIndex)

I can't see where you're wanting to get a year value from. Does one even exist? Please post the rest of the code


From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), you want the year that had the highest number of hurricanes? If so


For intIndex As Integer = 0 To _intNumberOfHurricans.Length - 1
    If _intNumberOfHurricans(intIndex) = _intNumberOfHurricans.Max Then
        intYear = Integer.Parse(_strYears(intIndex))
    End If
    intAverage = intAverage + _intNumberOfHurricans(intIndex)

What I'm doing here is looking for the highest value in _intNumberOfHurricans and comparing it to the number of hurricanes in the current iteration. If they're the same, then we are at the year with the highest number of hurricanes, so we populate intYear with _strYears(but as an Integer).

This code isn't perfect. For example, if the highest amount of hurricanes is 100, but there are 2 years where there are 100 hurricanes, it will only give the latest year, not the first year there were 100 hurricanes.

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