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Is it possible to pass input to a running service or daemon?

I want to create a Java console application that runs as a daemon on Linux, I have created the application and the script to run the application as a background daemon. The application runs and waits for command line input.

My question:

Is it possible to pass command line input to a running daemon?

Answer Source

All running processes have a special directory under /proc containing information and hooks into the process. Each subdirectory of /proc is the PID of a running process. So if you know the PID of a particular process you can get information about it. E.g.:

$ sleep 100 & ls /proc/$!

Of note is the fd directory, which contains all the file descriptors associated with the process. 0, 1, and 2 exist for (almost?) all processes, and 0 is the default stdin. So writing to /proc/$PID/fd/0 will write to that process' stdin.

A more robust alternative is to set up a named pipe connected to your process' stdin; then you can write to that pipe and the process will read it without needing to rely on the /proc file system.

See also Writing to stdin of background process on ServerFault.

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