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Angular2: what expressions can we interpolate in template

I read that we can interpolate Javascript expressions. What is the list of valid Javascript expressions that we can interpolate? So far for interpolation I have a displayed property, eg.
, short expressions like
what else Javascript expressions can we interpolate?

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Expressions in Angular2 are very similar to expressions in Angular in terms of the scope of what they allow.

JavaScript expressions that promote side effects are prohibited including

  • Assignment (= +=, -=)
  • Using the new keyword
  • Chaining expressions using a semicolon or comma
  • Increment (++) and decrement operators

Furthermore, there is no support for bitwise operators like | or &

Generally, it's a good idea to put complex JavaScript logic inside a controller or component, instead of inside a view. This is because of the Separation of Concerns design principle and making code more modular and readable.!#template-expressions

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