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Javascript Question

How to update Bootstrap 3 tooltip text on each hover?

I'd like to just simply update the tooltip each time on hover before display. I have a warning icon that pops up if there's been an error, and on hover I'd like the most recent error to show up. What I have doesn't work, though.

HTML Snippet

<div id="title">App</div>
<button id="warningbtn" type="button" class="btn-default btn-sm"
data-toggle="errortip" data-placement="right" title="">
<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-warning-sign"></span>


function start(){
let result = addon.start();
if (result == -1){
recentError = "Your license is invalid.";


trigger : 'hover',
title: errorVariable

Start is called from a simple start button on the page. recentError is declared at the top of the .js file.

Thanks for the help!


You can set this attribute whenever you will need a new value for the tooltip:

$('#warningbtn').attr('data-original-title','something else');

There is an issue reported here, and it seems to be a problem with setting the tooltip title dynamically