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CSS Question

Default CSS filename

for html, we have index.html, the file thats automatically loaded by the webserver if no filenames are specified. Is there an equivalent for css, either from the webserver point of view, or just by convention? surely it's not "index.css" right?


I guess I phrased my question a little poorly. I already knew that css files would not be loaded automatically. I was just wondering if there was a strong convention for default css files. Although there exists no strong convention, there are common names, as listed by the people who answered, some of which are:

  • default.css

  • main.css

  • web.css

  • style.css

  • site.css

Or you can name the css file with the same filename as the html file that uses it.

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There are common names for the main stylesheet for a site, but no strong (or useful) convention (e.g. site.css, main.css)

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