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Unsure on how to successfully test this function using $httBackend

This is the function in the controller:

var vm = this;
vm.getData = getData;

function getData(val) {
return $http.get('/get-data', {
params: {
query: val
}).then(function(response) {
return response.data;

and this is my (stripped down) test file:

describe('Controller: MyCtrl', function() {
'use strict';

var MyCtrl;
var rootScope;
var scope;
var httpMock;

beforeEach(function() {

inject(function($controller, $rootScope, $httpBackend) {
rootScope = $rootScope;
scope = $rootScope.$new();
httpMock = $httpBackend;
MyCtrl = $controller('MyCtrl as vm', {
$rootScope: rootScope,
$scope: scope,
$http: httpMock,

describe('vm.getData()', function() {
it('returns the required data', function() {
httpMock.when('GET', '/get-data?query=test-val').respond(200, {data: 'test-data'});

I would like to test that the result if calling getData() return the correct data.

Currently I'm getting the error
$http.get is not a function
. Setting a breakpoint in my function shows that http is stubbed with $httpBackend though.

I think there is something fundamental I'm not grasping - any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

You shouldn't have to create the controller with:

$http: $httpBackend  

to mock the backend. $httpBackend will mock the request itself already.

Further the test and assertion is done in the wrong order:

httpMock.when('GET', '/get-data?query=test-val').respond(200, {data: 'test-data'});
MyCtrl.getData('test-val').then(function(_result_){ //perform the request
  result = _result_;                                //save the result of the promise
httpMock.flush();                                   //execute the request
expect(result).toBe('test-data');                   //assert that the result is as expected
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