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QT - QFile copy operation extremely slow

I'm developing an application that needs to copy lots of files from one folder to another, using QT (5.6.1)

For doing this, I've been using the

method. This works well, except for one thing: it is extremely slow. Takes more than twice the time that the same copy operation takes using windows explorer.

Wondering why this was, I dug into the QT source code, and I found this in
, which looks relevant:

char block[4096];
qint64 totalRead = 0;
while(!atEnd()) {
qint64 in = read(block, sizeof(block));
if (in <= 0)
totalRead += in;
if(in != out.write(block, in)) {
d->setError(QFile::CopyError, tr("Failure to write block"));
error = true;

So, from what I understand, the copy operation is using a 4096-byte buffer. This is very small for a copy operation, and could well be the cause of the issue.
So what I did was change the size of the buffer to:

char block[4194304]; // 4MB buffer

Then I rebuilt the entire QT library to include this change. However, all the modification did was break the method completely. Now when my application tries to invoke QFile::Copy() the operation gets interrupted immediately (method doesn't even start to run, stops before the first line according to QtCreator's debugger). The debugger tells me:

The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the Operating System.

Signal name :
Signal meaning :
Segmentation fault

My c++ is a bit rusty, but I don't understand how just changing the allocation size of an array can completely break a method... can anyone help by either:

1) Telling me why QFile:Copy() is so slow (am I missing something? It's not just on my PC, tested on several different machines). And is the coulprit actually the code I posted above or something else entirely?
2) Telling me why that one change completely breaks QFile

Answer Source

Well, changing the buffer size did no good, since that apparently is just a fallback in case the derived function engine()->copy() fails. I don't know exactly how that function works, nor did I want to waste time modifying core QT engine classes to make this work.

In the end, since my project was only supposed to run on Windows, I ended up using the native Win32 copy function. So I replaced my call to:

QFile::copy(src, dest);


CopyFileExW((LPCWSTR)src.utf16(), (LPCWSTR)dest.utf16(), 0, this, 0, 0);

Note that you must #include "windows.h" for this invocation to work.

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