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Swift Question

How does type inference work with optionals?

I have a func like this:

func click(sender:UIButton?) {
//some code

and I want to call that func both like this:

- click() // ERROR: Missing argument for parameter #1 in call
- click(btn) // works
- click(nil) // works

I have read this question but I am still confused isn't an optional by default a
isn't that what the whole idea of optionals is about? Why can't I just do

FYI I do know that I can change the method signature to
func click(sender:UIButton? = nil)
and then
would work but that somehow seems redundant and is like re-saying something that is already known to be the default

Answer Source

You are asking about two different things:

  • An optional type which is nil by default

    var button : UIButton?
  • An optional function parameter by passing a default nil value

    func click(sender:UIButton? = nil)
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