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Modify date ticks for pandas plot

Below shows a plot of simulated data, which contains the xticks that I want to modify. By default, the pd.df.plot chooses dates that are approximately 3 months apart as ticks. But what I want is each month being a tick. What is the best way to do this? What about seasonal ticks? Thank you in advance.

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First of all you have to convert pandas date objects to python date objects. This conversation is needed because of matplotlib internal conversational date functions. Then use functions from matplotlib.dates to set desired formatter and tick positions like here:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pylab as plt
import matplotlib.dates as mdates

# convert date objects from pandas format to python datetime
index = pd.date_range(start = "2015-07-01", end = "2017-01-01", freq = "D")
index = [pd.to_datetime(date, format='%Y-%m-%d').date() for date in index]
data = np.random.randint(1,100, size=len(index))
df = pd.DataFrame(data=data,index=index, columns=['data'])
print (df.head())

ax = df.plot()
# set monthly locator
# set formatter
# set font and rotation for date tick labels

For season labels you have to construct it by yourself and then set it with plt.setp function (for month 02 set label winter, 04 - spring etc.): plt.setp(new_labels, rotation=90, fontsize=9).

enter image description here

head of df:

2015-07-01    26
2015-07-02    33
2015-07-03    46
2015-07-04    69
2015-07-05    17
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