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Durandal widgets inner function scope and context

I have durandal widget and two syncfusion buttons:


<div class="group-btn-container">
<input type="checkbox" data-bind="ejToggleButton: toggleButtonNo" />
<input type="checkbox" data-bind="ejToggleButton: toggleButtonYes" />


define(['knockout', 'jquery','web/ej.togglebutton.min', 'common/ej.widget.ko.min'], function (ko, $) {

var ctor = function () { };

ctor.prototype.activate = function (settings) {
self = this;

var toggleBtnYes = {
toggleState: ko.observable(false),
click: function (args) {
self.toggleButtonYes = toggleBtnYes;

var toggleBtnNo = {
toggleState: ko.observable(true),
click: function (args) {
self.toggleButtonNo = toggleBtnNo;
return ctor;

Two buttons 'Yes' and 'No', should work like radio buttons, when one is turned on, another should be turned off.

Q1: I have a problem with viewodel context or scope.
Inside click function I do not see 'self', actually self is always some another widget because in one loop I render couple widgets, I do not know why self is not my function ctor ?

Q2: Also when I want to approach to object 'toggleBtnNo' or 'toggleBtnYes' directly from click function, they are not defined. Why I cannot see the objects from global function ctor in my inner, 'click' function?

I just do not know how to approach to the button (on one or other way) from my click function how I can change it state ?

Answer Source

This was the worst mistake ever. I am ashamed. I did not put 'var' in front of self.

self = this;  

should be:

var self = this;
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