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Access - VBA - SQL Query for All Records

Date Name Charge
1/15/2015 Alpha 0
2/15/2015 Alpha 0
2/15/2015 Beta 0
2/15/2015 Gamma 2
3/15/2015 Gamma 3
3/15/2015 Alpha 5
4/15/2015 Beta 0

Above is a sample table in Access. My intent is to capture all unique Names that have strictly value 0 for 'Charge', but if any name has a non-zero value, then the query would not return the Name at all.
For example, based on sample data, a correctly write query would result in only "Beta" showing up.

How can a SQL query be written for the above requirements? Appreciate the help - thanks!

Answer Source

You can use SUM along with GROUP BY and HAVING:

FROM tbl
HAVING SUM(Charge) = 0


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