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Equal bar widths in ggplot2 histogram using facet_wrap()

I have data which looks similar to example data below and I am attempting to draw a histogram of the measurement column faceted on the Genotype column. Ultimately I would like the colours of the bars to be conditional on the Genotype and Condition columns.

Crucially Genotype B individuals were never measured under condition L.

This is what the data looks like:

DF <- data.frame(Genotype = rep(c("A", "B"), 500),
Condition = sample(c("E", "L"), 1000, replace = T),
Measurment = round(rnorm(500,10,3), 0))

DF <- anti_join(DF, filter(DF, Genotype == "B" & Condition != "E"))'


Genotype Condition Measurment
1 A L 18
2 A L 2
3 B E 18
4 B E 18
5 B E 16
6 B E 16

Now I to specify the colours of the bars I thought it easiest to create a new column of hexcodes such that all individuals of Genotype B are one colour, and individuals of Genotype A are a second colour if measured under Condition E and a third colour if measured under Condition L.

DF <- DF %>% mutate(colr = ifelse(Genotype == "B", "#409ccd",
ifelse(Condition == "E", "#43cd80", "#ffc0cb")))

I can then draw a histogram faceted on the Genotype column like so:

ggplot(data=DF, aes(Measurment, fill = Condition)) +
geom_histogram(aes(y=..count.., fill = colr), position='dodge', binwidth = 1) +
facet_wrap(~Genotype, nrow=2) +
scale_fill_manual(values = c("#409ccd","#ffc0cb","#43cd80")) +

and it like like this:


However as you can see the columns for Genotype B are twice the size of Genotype A. How can I shrink the Genotype B to the same size as Genotype A?

I considered adding dummy entries to my data where Genotype B has Condition L entries but the binning function then counts these as Measurements which is misleading. I also have a version of this using
but that results in a similar problem. ggplot must have a way of doing this.

Any help appreciated.

Answer Source

something like this maybe?

ggplot(data=DF, aes(Measurment, fill = Condition)) +
  geom_histogram(data=subset(DF, Genotype!="B"),aes(y=..count.., fill = colr), position='dodge', binwidth = 1) + 
  geom_histogram(data=subset(DF, Genotype=="B"),aes(x = Measurment, y=..count.., fill = colr), position=position_nudge(x=0.25), binwidth = 0.5) +
  facet_wrap(~Genotype, nrow=2) + 
  scale_fill_identity() +

enter image description here

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