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AngularJS Question

How do I get protractor to accept the browser local camera

I've been trying to get protractor to accept the browser local camera by using

browser.actions().sendKeys(protractor.Key.TAB, protractor.Key.TAB, protractor.Key.ENTER).perform();

This tabs to the accept button properly, but the enter key never gets submitted. I've also tried using

browser.actions().sendKeys(protractor.Key.TAB, protractor.Key.TAB).perform();

thinking that maybe enter needed to be on it's own line.

Any ideas on this?

Answer Source

You can try to manipulate the question popup using switchTo(), but I am afraid this is not going to work since this is a native chrome popup and not a javascript alert:


Here are the options (not tested yet):

Also, have you tried pressing TAB 3 times?

browser.actions().sendKeys(protractor.Key.TAB, protractor.Key.TAB, protractor.Key.TAB, protractor.Key.ENTER).perform();
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