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CSS Question

Trying to remove website url from select pages/posts

website :

I am trying to remove the website title from the following selected pages/posts using id :


I've tried the following css code out of pot luck but no cigar

.postid-576 .gk-logo-text.inverse > span { display: none; }

What am i doing wrong and how do i resolve this?

p.s. yes the banner behind is a mess, trying to fix that to display properly on various screen sizes :)

Many thanks in advanced.

Answer Source

On the body tag, you'll see a class containing the page type (page, post, category) and its ID. For example on the Clients page, the class is .page-id-576

So for that specific page, the CSS that would hide the title is:

.page-id-576 .gk-logo-text.inverse > span {
    display: none;

You would need to do the same for all pages, just look for the page type+ID class on the body tag of each page.

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