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Swift Question

Pass @protocol type in Swift

I have an Objective-C method which takes Protocol* type as parameter.

How can I invoke this method in Swift.


// In Objective-C

@protocol AProtocol <NSObject>

@interface MyClass : NSObject
+ (id)proxyWithProtocol:(Protocol*)protocol;

// I can call this method with a protocol as parameter
[MyClass proxyWithProtocol:@protocol(AProtocol)];

If I want to use MyClass in Swift by bridging. How can I pass a protocol defined in Objective-C to proxyWithProtocol method. Can I even pass a protocol defined in Swift to this method?

Answer Source

You would pass the Objective-C protocol in like so:


If you wanted to pass in a Swift protocol, you would have to expose that protocol to Objective-C:

@objc protocol MyProtocol {
    func someGreatFunc()

// ...

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