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SQL Question

How to ordinal form date using DATE_FORMAT()?

My Mysql query

select DATE_FORMAT(max(lastmodified), '%d %M %y , %r') from client_log

and my actuall output is

enter image description here

i want result 15th june 16, 02:17:09PM, i have to apply this ordinal concept in php logic but here i don't know how to perform in date_format() function or is there any function available for mysql in timestamp filed?

Answer Source

The issue is %d and it should be %D

  select DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), '%D %M %y , %r') ;
    | DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), '%D %M %y , %r') |
    | 27th June 16 , 02:57:00 PM          |
    1 row in set (0.04 sec)
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