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SQL Question

SQL Server Columns are equal but showing not equal. How are they different?

I have the following code

Name, UniqueId,
checksum(Name) as CheckName,
checksum(UniqueId) as CheckId
Name <> UniqueId

The results are the following

Name UniqueId CheckName CheckId
VZ-4820/73 VZ-4820/73 -1880307869 -21513965
VZ-400706 VZ-400706 591267130 536293334

The values are the same (white space and all) yet they are appearing as different and interestingly the checksums are different. Is it an encoding issue as to why they are different? Any ideas?

Answer Source

CHECKSUM will return different values, if the types are different. See more at MSDN Checksum. I think in your case, Name & UniqueId are of different types. Please see the example code below

CREATE TABLE test(origname varchar(36), uniqueid nvarchar(36))

INSERT INTO test(origname,uniqueid)
values ('venkat',N'venkat')

SELECT CHECKSUM(origname), CHECKSUM(uniqueid) FROM test

-- Returned Values 
178987073   1792344567
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