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C# Question

Mongo DB 2.0 Driver C# - Upsert - Generate Object Id

I am able to update a Document if the Document Exists using the Following

var filter = Builders<Neighborhood>.Filter.Eq(x => x.Id, neighborhood.Id);

var result = await collection.ReplaceOneAsync(filter,
neighborhood,new UpdateOptions { IsUpsert = true });

public class Neighborhood : IEntity<string>
[BsonId(IdGenerator = typeof(GuidGenerator))]
public string Id { get; set; }

public string Name { get; set; }

How do Insert a Document if the Id = NULL and I want to return the updated result.

When Inserting a New Document NULL ID, A Record is created with a NULL Id, I added [BsonId(IdGenerator = typeof(GuidGenerator))] without any luck.

What am I doing wrong so a ObjectId can be generated for new records.

Answer Source

C# Driver thinks that Id is already filled. You need to add settings for Id field which allows driver to generate new Id.
There are two approaches:

  1. Add attribute [BsonIgnoreIfDefault] in your Neighborhood model.
  2. Setup in code

    BsonClassMap.RegisterClassMap<Neighborhood>(x =>
        x.GetMemberMap(m => m.Id).SetIgnoreIfDefault(true);

I prefer the second approach because you don't need to add reference to MongoDB.

MongoDB API proposes two methods:
1) ReplaceOneAsync returns ReplaceOneResult which has UpsertedId property

var filter = Builders<Neighborhood>.Filter.Where(x => x.Name == "somthing");
var replaceResult = await collection.ReplaceOneAsync(filter, entity, new UpdateOptions { IsUpsert = true });
return replaceResult.UpsertedId;

2) FindOneAndReplaceAsync allows you to select what you want - entity before changes or after. For our task we need after

var filter = Builders<Neighborhood>.Filter.Where(x => x.Name == "somthing");
var options = new FindOneAndReplaceOptions<Neighborhood, Neighborhood>
     IsUpsert = true,
     ReturnDocument = ReturnDocument.After
var updatedEntity = await collection.FindOneAndReplaceAsync(filter, entity, options);
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