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Spring Data Rest override controller for Templated Link

I am using Spring Data REST to expose various domain objects as resources.

class Person() {

public interface PersonRepository implemets PagingAndSortingRepository<Person, Long> {


So now
will be mapped to the repository methods.

Let's say I want to override the GET method. So I do:

public class PersonController {

private PersonRepository repository;

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ResponseEntity<?> getAll(Pageable pageable, PagedResourcesAssembler<Person> assembler) {

Page<Student> page = repository.findAll();
return ResponseEntity.ok(assembler.toResource(page));


Ok so when I hit
, as expected it will be handled by the

It will provide me with this JSON

"_links": {
"self": {
"href": "http://localhost:8080/api/persons{?page,size,sort}",
"templated": true
"_embedded": {
"persons": [
"active": true,
"email": "",
"name": "myname",
"phoneNumber": "1234-456",
"surname": "mysurname",
"userName": "username"
"page": {
"size": 20,
"totalElements": 1,
"totalPages": 1,
"number": 0

However, if I click the
link the response will NOT be handled from my custom controller but from the original

Is there a way I can configure the custom controller to also include handle templated hrefs?

Answer Source

http://localhost:8080/persons vs http://localhost:8080/api/persons

add /api to your controller requestmapping to overwrite the SDR controller

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