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Swift Question

Is the Realm method addOrUpdateObject() callable from Swift?

According to the docs; the method

- (void)addOrUpdateObject:(nonnull RLMObject *)object

is available via Obj-C

The Swift docs; don't mention this method.

In my Swift app, if I try and call this method
then I get a compiler error
Value of type 'Realm' has no member 'addOrUpdateObject'

Yet I see other places online, e.g. How to properly map JSON properties to model properties in Realm.create where people are apparently using it from Swift.

I am using Realm via cocoapods - pod 'RealmSwift' - which brings down 2 pods; Realm and RealmSwift. I can see this method defined in I tried adding
#import <Realm/Realm.h>
to my bridging header but that didn't work.

How do I call this method from Swift?

Answer Source

This is available in Swift, and is defined as:

public func add(object: Object, update: Bool = false)

So to get the same behaviour as the Obj-C Realm's method, you'd call it:

self.realm!.add(model, update: true)
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