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Python Question

graphs from Altair are not displaying

On Ubuntu x64, I just freshly installed Anaconda 3.

I then installed

per these directions. Then I run the example code:

from altair import *
population = load_dataset('population')


The code runs, but nothing happens. I expected a page would open in the browser perhaps, like
does. To be safe, I also ran
jupyter notebook
in the background and re-running the code - no difference.

Please let me know if there's more information you need about my environment.

Answer Source

Thanks to @cel, I found out the code cannot be run in the iPython console from Anaconda - it needs to be run from a Jupyter notebook.

You have to run jupyter notebook in the terminal, then create a new iPython Notebook. Once the notebook is created, you can run your code interactively from the notebook.

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