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Chrome adding tags (#shadow-root (open))

I have a div with some simple text inside, but whenever i apply the class "sidebar-ad" or "sidebar-advertisement", i get the following output:

enter image description here

I have searched my directory for "sidebar-ad" with Windows Grep, and I am not using this selector in my css, or in any js.
Currently i'm just using a different selector ("sidebar-ads"), but what exactly is happening here? I tested using this same class on another project which is on another server and i had the same thing happen.
What is this [hidden] tag that's being added?

Sorry for the stupid question, but this is baffling me.


Edit, i tested with Edge and this isn't happening there. What is Chrome doing?

Edit, it's also happening with "sidebar-ads", so i'm now using "ad" lol

Answer Source

This is the Adblock extension modifying the HTML so your ads doesn't display.

If you disable it on this page, you will not see this css class anymore.

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