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SQL Question

How to drop this index in MySQL?

It's created this way:

create table listings(
id integer unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
accountId integer unsigned default null,
title varchar(300) not null,
country integer unsigned,
region integer unsigned,
type integer unsigned,
price integer,
unit varchar(20) not null,
priceUSD decimal(12,2),
bedrooms integer unsigned,
thumbnail varchar(100) default null,
keywords text,
created datetime,
deleted boolean default 0,
fulltext index (keywords),
) engine=MyISAM;

How to drop that fulltext index which has no name?

What if the un-named index is:
fulltext index (title ,keywords)

Answer Source

Run this command in the mysql client:

mysql> SHOW CREATE TABLE listings;

It will show you the DDL for the table, including the system-assigned name for the index.

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