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Forward declare a class's public typedef in c++

I'm trying to simplify a bunch of header file "include spaghetti" by using forward declarations and moving #includes into the implementation file. However, I keep coming upon the following scenario:

#include "Bar.h"

class Foo
void someMethod(Bar::someType_t &val);

class Bar
typedef std::vector<SomeClass> someType_t;

I want to remove #include "Bar.h" in as many cases as possible. I also see the situation where the typedef in Bar.h is listed outside of the Bar class. I'm assuming both situations can be addressed in the same manner.

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately you don't have many choices and none is perfect.

First, the two obvious and unacceptable solutions:

  • You can forward declare the typedef which totally defeats the purpose of using a typedef.
  • You include the file which contains the typedef, which you want to avoid.

The more interesting solutions:

  • Have all related typedefs in the same include and include that file. This creates code coupling between the classes though. You ought to do that only with related classes, else you are going to end up with a god include file and this could lead to a lot of recompiling when you add a typedef to that file.
  • For each class, have a separate include with the typedefs in it. Kind of annoying, but it works.

Those last two are like doing forward declarations but with added typedefs. They reduce file interdependencies since you are rarely modifying the typedef file.

I'd say for most situations, the central include has the most benefit for hassle. Just be careful.

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