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One of the ways to filter bot traffic is by using reCAPTCHA. It is a reverse Turing Test method to draw a line between organic and bots. reCAPTCHA, a rework of once-popular CAPTCHA, is a free online tool acquired and provided by Google.

It is a combination of knowledge and recognition-based interpretive response based on answer selection. The methodology lies in the machine learning from the Google’s large data sets of human interaction with the web, which is slightly different and random compared to a bot.



ReCAPTCHA In Laravel 5.2 Forms For Validation

Route::get('/',function() {
return view('files.captchaform');
Route::get('captcha-form-validation',array('as'=>'google.get-recaptcha-validation-form','uses'=>'FileController@getCaptchaForm')) ;
Route::post('captcha-form-validation',array('as'=>'','uses'=>'FileController@postCaptchaForm')) ;