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Set OS X volume in OS X 10.11 using Swift without using the deprecated AudioHardwareServiceSetPropertyData API

I found this code to set the system volume using Swift. While using the code in a playground I got warning.

AudioHardwareServiceSetPropertyData was deprecated in OS X 10.11

How do I update the code for OS X 10.11?


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As also suggested in this answer to a similar Objective-C question, I'd suggest using ISSoundAdditions, which you can call from Swift as such:


The implementation of -setSystemVolume begins around line 113 in ISSoundAdditions.m in case you're curious of how they accomplish setting the system volume.

To clarify a factually challenged comment to my answer (since deleted, apparently), there is no use of deprecated APIs in ISSoundAdditions when compiling with the El Capitan SDK – AudioHardwareServiceSetPropertyData is not used. AudioObjectSetPropertyData is indeed the API one should switch to if using the deprecated AudioHardwareServiceSetPropertyData, though as you can see from the ISSoundAdditions implementation I linked to, there's a bit of work involved (hence I linked to the implementation in the first place).

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