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Is there advantage to use Visual Studio 2017 instead of VS2013 to interface my VC++ DLL to my VB.NET windows forms app?

Should I stick with Visual Studio 2013 Pro or use latest Visual Studio 2017 Pro to interface my Visual-C++ DLL to my Visual Basic .NET windows forms app GUI?

I will try P/Invoke 'wrap' the VC++ DLL for the VB app.

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Yes. Visual C++ 2013 doesn't support some new features introduced in C++11/14/17.

For example, following code works fine in VC++2017 but doesn't work in VC++2013:

class A
    int n;
cout << sizeof(A::n) << endl;

The compiler error on VC++2013 is:

error C2070: 'unknown': illegal sizeof operand

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