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C# Question

How do you update multiple field using Update.Set in MongoDB using official c# driver?

The following code will allow me to update the Email where FirstName = "john" and LastName = "Doe". How do you update both Email and Phone without using Save() method?

MongoDB.Driver.MongoServer _server = MongoDB.Driver.MongoServer.Create("mongodb://localhost");
MongoDB.Driver.MongoDatabase _dataBase = _server.GetDatabase("test");
MongoDB.Driver.MongoCollection<Person> _person = _dataBase.GetCollection<Person>("person");

//Creat new person and insert it into collection
ObjectId newId = ObjectId.GenerateNewId();
Person newPerson = new Person();
newPerson.Id = newId.ToString();
newPerson.FirstName = "John";
newPerson.LastName = "Doe";
newPerson.Email = "";
newPerson.Phone = "8005551222";

//Update phone and email for all record with firstname john and lastname doe
MongoDB.Driver.Builders.QueryComplete myQuery = MongoDB.Driver.Builders.Query.And(MongoDB.Driver.Builders.Query.EQ("FirstName", "John"), MongoDB.Driver.Builders.Query.EQ("LastName", "Doe"));
MongoDB.Driver.Builders.UpdateBuilder update = MongoDB.Driver.Builders.Update.Set("Email", "");

_person.Update(myQuery, update);

Answer Source

It's very simple ;), just add another set or some else operation to the your update:

 var update = Update.Set("Email", "")
                    .Set("Phone", "4455512");
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