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Informix equivalent to mysql's SHOW CREATE TABLE

Is there any equivalent to MySQL's

in informix? I would like to run it in the SQL Manager on the Server Studio and would also like to obtain information about a tables columns and their types. Is this possible? I've found the systables, syscolumns and information schema, but wasn't lucky with the results I got with the output of
select * from...

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I don't know such SQL command. From command line you can use dbschema utility:

C:\Informix>dbschema -t abc -d test
DBSCHEMA Schema Utility       INFORMIX-SQL Version 11.50.TC6DE

{ TABLE "informix".abc row size = 4 number of columns = 1 index size = 0 }
create table "informix".abc
    xxx integer

revoke all on "informix".abc from "public" as "informix";

If you want to read systables, then look at my script that dumps info about tables, columns, indexes etc: http://code.activestate.com/recipes/576621-dump-informix-schema-to-text/?in=user-186902 . In its source you will find systables queries you can use.

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