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Displaying C# code in

I have researched this for a few hours and I am kind of frustrated. Maybe I am just missing something as I am new to blogging.

I am not hosting my own blog, I am just using
I want to include snippets of c# code and have them look like they do in Visual Studio, or at least make them look nice, certainly with line numbers and color.
The solutions I have seen for this all seem to assume you are hosting your own blog.
I cannot figure out how to install plugins.

Is there a widget that will make code snippets look nice, or some other solution I can easily use?

Thank you

EDIT: Sarfraz has outlined one way to solve my problem (thank you!), and I have tried it but there is an issue I have, namely that it does not colorize most of my code (newer keywords like var, from, where, select, etc). Is there a fix to this or is there some other solution?

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Just edit your aricles in html mode and enclose your code within these tags.

[sourcecode language="css"]


[sourcecode language="javascript"]
 // javascript hello world program
 alert('Hello, World !!');

Note: You need to specify correct language identifier for the language attribute as shown above.

More Information Here :)

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