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Scala Question

Scala removing IF Else statement and write in a functional way

Let's say I have the following tuple

(colType, colDocV)

Where colType is a boolean and colDocV is a String
Depending on those two values, I will apply some chunk of code that applies transformations to a Dataframe.

Now, this code works. However, I am not convinced this is the proper way to write functional programming code.
I don't know which of these 3 approaches will improve the quality of the code and remove all if-if else-else :
Should I apply some kind of design pattern and which one?
Should I use some kind of pattern matching?
Should I use some anonymous function?

if (colDocV) {
val newCol = udf(UDFHashCode.udfHashCode).apply(col(columnName))
dataframe.withColumn(columnName, newCol)
} else if (colType.contains("string") || colType.contains("text")) {
val newCol = udf(Entropy.stringEntropyFunc).apply(col(columnName)).cast(DoubleType)
dataframe.withColumn(columnName, newCol)
} else if (colType.contains("date")) {
val newCol = udf(DateUtils.getTimeAsDoubleFunc).apply(col(columnName)).cast(DoubleType)
dataframe.withColumn(columnName, newCol)
} else if (colType.contains("long")) {
dataframe.withColumn(columnName, dataframe(columnName).cast(DoubleType) )
} else {
dataframe.drop(columnName) //Dropping column that cannot be processed

Answer Source

You can do this with a match statement and a bunch of regexps.

 val str = ".*(?:string|text).*".r
 val date = ".*date.*".r
 val long = ".*long.*".r

 def col(tuple: (Boolean, String)) = tuple match {
    case (true, _) => Some(udf(...))
    case (_, str()) => Some(udf(...))
    case (_, date()) => Some(udf(...))
    case (, long()) => Some(udf(...))
    case _ => None
col(colType -> colDocv)
 .fold(dataframe.drop(columnName) { newCol => 
    dataframe.withColumn(columnName, newCol)
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