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C programs that refer directly to a numeric address, these processes physically refer to same place?

Let's say we have compiled a C program that refer directly to a numeric address , and then executed two. So these two processes physically refer to the same place? If not, how can you refer to different physical spaces?

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The answer depends on the hardware.

On systems with virtual memory management a process is running in its own "sandbox" with the entire memory space available to it. Multiple processes may access the same address, but virtual memory manager would give each one a separate page in physical address space, so the two processes would not "collide" over the same item in memory.

On systems without virtual memory management there is no protection: if two processes refer to the same address, they would be accessing the same location in memory.

Note: Accessing an address that has not been allocated to your program is undefined behavior. For this reason, programs that access a hardcoded addresses may be invalid.

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