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Year View in Fullcalendar jquery plugin

I started a YearView in fullcalendar (derived from the basic 'MonthView', needed to display longer events such as school holidays), and I could use a hand if anyone is already familiar with the way events get displayed on a view.

  1. Using the 'BasicEventRenderer', how do I populate the 'segmentContainer' for 'DayEventRenderer' ?

  2. And when do I initialize the default start & end date for delimiting the active year ? (the starting month could be changed, and it'd be nice to be able to keep the highlight on the current month and the current day).

See my github fork at

-> example file is

enter image description here

Answer Source

FullCalendar Documentation:

Loading events as JSON:

Render event:

Render event example:

fc.fullCalendar('renderEvent', {
    'id': 1,
    'title': 'Test Event 1',
    'start': '2009-11-05T13:15:30Z',
    'end': '2009-11-05T13:30:00Z'

Limit the display of available months: Fullcalendar limit the display of available months?

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