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AngularJS Question

how to close map marker info window on external click

i am showing a map data using ui-gmap-google-map like below

<ui-gmap-google-map center='' zoom='map.zoom'>
<ui-gmap-window show="" coords="map.window.model" options="map.window.options" closeClick="map.window.closeClick()">
<div style="color: black">
<ui-gmap-markers dorebuildall="true" idkey="" models="map.markers" coords="'self'" doCluster="false" fit="'true'" icon="'icon'" events="map.markersEvents " options="'options'"></ui-gmap-markers>

from this i can see the markers on map and when i click on a marker i am getting an info window as well i am showing marker data out side of map in a separate my question is how can i close this marker info window when i close the information div.

i can provide my js if you need.

Answer Source

seems you are accessing your marker from u can simply use the below code in your

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