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Git Question

Enter a GIT commit

Typing in 'git commit -m (then a message is ok), my question is that once i commit or merge, git pulls up a screen... here's the merge/commit screen that comes up
now once I have typed a message(in yellow) i cannot get any actions...
I've pressed enter, I've consulted the menu, I've read the GitBook, and I cannot get passed this screen...can you please tell me how to actually submit this screen. How to enter this data, or accept it or whatever git needs to do to enter this data. Once I have typed my message(in yellow), pressing enter does nothing...
Please assist...

Answer Source

The GIT Bash brings up a VI editor to confirm the commit message, which in your case is a Merge.

To save and quit:

  1. Hit the ESC key
  2. Type :wq (write & quit)

There are many helpful VI cheat sheets out there if you'd like to learn more: VI Cheat Sheet

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