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GitHub - failed to connect to github 443 windows/ Failed to connect to gitHub - No Error

Q - I intalled git to get the latest version of Angular. When i tried called

git clone

I got failed to connect to github 443 error

I even tried

git clone git://

That gave me failed to connect no error message.

I am behind my company firewall. I can not see my proxy details when I go to
control panel->Internet Options -> connections -> lan setting
.IT guys are not sharing proxy information with me. I do not know what to do ??

I finally managed to do it. I will update the procedure that I had taken in order to
Just wanted to compile all the steps that I did to get it to work

Answer Source

Well I did following steps

  1. Google the error

  2. Got to SO Links(here, here) which suggested the same thing, that I have to update the Git Config for proxy setting

  3. Damn, can not see proxy information from control panel. IT guys must have hidden it. I can not even change the setting to not to use proxy.

  4. Found this wonderful tutorial of finding which proxy your are connected to

  5. Updated the http.proxy key in git config by following command

git config --global http.proxy http[s]://userName:password@proxyaddress:port

  1. Error - could not resolve proxy some@proxyaddress:port. It turned out my password had @ symbol in it.

  2. Encode @ in your password to %40 because git splits the proxy setting by @

git config --global http.proxy http[s]://userName:password(encoded)@proxyaddress:port

Baam ! It worked !

Note - I just wanted to answer this question for souls like me, who would come looking for answer on SO :D

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