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React JSX Question

Why was mutating style deprecated?

The documentation in 0.13 and 0.14 both warn that mutating style has been deprecated, but don't mention why

Reusing and mutating a style object between renders has been deprecated

What should I do if I want to perform state-dependent animations on an element that css class-based animations can't handle? Clone the object each time?

New to react, help and advice much appreciated

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Looking at the test case/expected error, you are correct and should be cloning the object.

Warning: `div` was passed a style object that has previously been
mutated. Mutating `style` is deprecated. Consider cloning it
beforehand. Check the `render` of `App`. Previous style:
{border: "1px solid black"}. Mutated style:
{border: "1px solid black", position: "absolute"}.

I would guess it's similar to the reasoning for props - it saves you from passing a mutable style object around everywhere and ending up losing a lot of the ease of reasoning that React is really good at helping you with.

The props object is now frozen, so mutating props after creating a component element is no longer supported. In most cases, React.cloneElement should be used instead. This change makes your components easier to reason about and enables the compiler optimizations mentioned above.

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