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Javascript Question

JS framework for dynamic website

I need framework with following features:
- Simple templating
- ajax loading of webpages
- dynamic models (so when I update model, page is changed)
- In-browser validation of data in forms (this can be done using some another library)

I want to write website, where user can visit all pages without reloading (only one GET request for first page load and then all pages are received via ajax)

I know about React.js, but I think it is a bit complicated.
Backend of website is Laravel.

The best will be a simple tutorial for creating website using this framework so I can understand if it suits my needs.

I want to write some kind of reusable html so that I can specify for all tags, forms, inputs required parameters and it is automatically loaded, validated and so on.

Like this (required attribute guarantes that client sees validation error before submit, data-integer attribute guarantees that user can not input somethinh other than integer and so on). Of course it is pure client side validation, server must validate it too.

<form data-api='/api/v1/post-form-1' data-result-selector='#id-of-tag-where-result-will-be-written-in-html-on-form-submit'>
<input type='text' required>

<form data-api='/api/v1/post-form-2' data-result-selector='#id-of-tag-where-result-will-be-written-in-html-on-form-submit-2'>
<input type='text' data-integer=true>

Answer Source

Though it is a generic question , and from your viewpoint on react , think you should have a look on Vue.js which will work great with laravel backend .

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