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Apache Configuration Question

Error in exception handler. - Laravel

It's a Laravel-install related question. I have a public-facing Unix server setup:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "/var/www/mydomain"
ErrorLog "/var/log/"
CustomLog "/var/log/" common

I can serve documents fine out of /var/www/mydomain i.e. with test.php containing:

<?php echo 'test';

works fine.

In bash, with Laravel installed through Composer and looking at the files:

# ls /var/www/mydomain/my-laravel-project

.gitattributes artisan composer.json phpunit.xml vendor
.gitignore app bootstrap composer.lock public server.php

So when I browse to:

why does my application report:

Error in exception handler.

in the browser - on a blank white screen? I'm expecting to see the Laravel splash screen.

Moreover, the log files don't reveal anything either.

Answer Source

The safer option would be to change the group of the storage directories to your web servers group (usually apache or www-data, but this can vary between the different operating systems) and keep the permissions as of the directory as 775.

chgrp -R www-data app/storage

Or with chown.

chown -R :www-data app/storage

Then make sure directory permissions are 775.

chmod -R 775 app/storage

From the Laravel web site:

Laravel may require one set of permissions to be configured: folders within app/storage require write access by the web server.

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