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JavaScript: RegExp constructor vs RegEx literal

I am studying about RegExp but everywhere I can see two syntax

new RegExp("[abc]")



And if with modifiers then what is the use of additional slash (


I am not getting any bug with these two but I wonder is there any difference between these two. If yes then what is it and which is best to use?

I referred Differences between Javascript regexp literal and constructor but there I didn't found explanation of which is best and what is difference.

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The key difference is that literal REGEX can't accept dynamic input, i.e. from variables, whereas the constructor can, because the pattern is specified as a string.

Say you wanted to match a number of words, which came from an array:

var words = ['foo', 'bar', 'orange', 'platypus'];
var str = "Foo something nice orange what a lovely platypus";
str.match(new RegExp('\\b('+words.join('|')+')\\b'));

This would not be possible with a literal /pattern/.

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