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reST (reStructuredText) Question

Spring MVC Encode non-English parameters

I use spring MVC to get parameter by @PathVariable as follow:

public Boolean getUser(@PathVariable("username") String username)
// do some works

when my input paramater is none english(such as arabic), I could not get correct value of parameter and username parameter contain invalid ASCII code. in addition, I am sure that the client send request url in UTF-8 format.

I test spring character encoding filter to solve but it, but it is not work.


I test my code with @RequestsParam and HttpServletRequest, but all of them return invalid characters, also, I used URLEncoder.encode and URLDecoder.decode but could solve problem.

Answer Source

I solve my problem by using ISO_8859_1 char set by using this code:

username = new String(username.getBytes(CharSets.ISO_8859_1));

but, really I don't know what is reason ? I expect to use UTF-8 encoding to get correct value of parameter, but it doesn't work.

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