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Read newline delimited file in Perl

I am trying to read a newline-delimited file into an array in Perl. I do NOT want the newlines to be part of the array, because the elements are filenames to read later. That is, each element should be "foo" and not "foo\n". I have done this successfully in the past using the methods advocated in Stack Overflow question Read a file into an array using Perl and Newline Delimited Input.

My code is:

open(IN, "< test") or die ("Couldn't open");
@arr = <IN>;
print("$arr[0] $arr[1]")

And my file 'test' is:


My expected output would be:

a b

My actual output is:


I really don't see what I'm doing wrong. How do I read these files into arrays?

Answer Source

Here is how I generically read from files.

open (my $in, "<", "test") or die $!;
my @arr;

while (my $line = <$in>) {
  chomp $line;
  push @arr, $line;

close ($in);

chomp will remove newlines from the line read. You should also use the three-argument version of open.

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