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Javascript Question

Print in Landscape format

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Landscape printing from HTML

I am using below code to show print window on button click:

function print_onclick() {
return false;

I want the page to be printed in Landscape format. Is there any property I can add in above code to make it work ?

Additional Info:
Since my page width is 1280 px, when I print it on A4 paper with portrait orientation, the font becomes too small.
I want to print only 2 lines. If not landscape, is there a way I can fix the font size of those table cell/divs while printing ?

Answer Source

you cannot set this in javascript, you have to do this with html/css:

<style type="text/css" media="print">
  @page { size: landscape; }

EDIT: See this Question and the accepted answer for more information on browser support: Is @Page { size:landscape} obsolete?

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