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iOS Push Notificattion production certificate Common Name issue

While I am attempting to upload Production certificate on for Push notificatation.

There is error message

Unsupported certificate type. Common Name (CN) must contain one of:
Apple Production IOS Push Services, Apple Development IOS Push
Services, Pass Type ID, Apple Development Mac Push Services, Apple
Production Mac Push Services.

After some research I came to know that.

While we are exporting Production certificate from Apple,

Common Name before was : Apple Production IOS Push Services:[Bundle name]

And Now : Apple Push Services:[Bundle name]

May be this is the reason Parse fails to validate certificate.

Please give solution if any.

Answer Source

It seems problem is solved now by Parse.
You can face error

Could not connect to Apple with this certificate

If so, revoke your APNS certificate and regenerate it.
And then create .p12 file with this new certificate. and upload it.

I have successfully uploaded .p12 file.

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