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Visual Studio c++ Only in Debug Mode LNK 1104 error

I've just created c++ console application in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate.

When I run code in debug mode:

error LNK1104: cannot open file 'C:\Users\example.exe'

When I run code in release mode:

Build: 1 succeeded

Do you have any idea, why would i have LNK1104 on "debug mode" ?

Answer Source

Ok, I think I found the solution.

I am currently using "Bitdefender Total Security 2015" and in the antivirus part,

I found the following message

enter image description here

So Bitdefender exactly deleted my .exe file everytime I compile in debug version.

Solution :

Go to Antivirus part:

enter image description here

Click excluded files and folders on Exclusion tab

enter image description here

Finally add your project path

enter image description here

I did this way and my roject also worked in debug version.

I hope the solution is helpful

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