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how to delete group data in swift

RightNow i have Dictionary.and i am adding to tableView.

let myArray = [["name": "First element", "foo": "bar","GroupID":"1"], ["name": "First element", "foo": "bar","GroupID":"1"],["name": "Second element", "foo": "bar","GroupID":"2"], ["name": "Second element", "foo": "bar","GroupID":"2"]]

in this dictionary i have key GroupID.

is it possible that i can get dictionary data whose GroupID = %@

i want to filter data based on grouping

suppose i have four data. and group id is same in two data. i want to delete all data whose GroupID is same from dictionary

if groupid == 1 than data will be deleted from dictionary whose GroupID == 1 and tableview will reload data.

i am doing this because i want to delete group data.
can you please help me?

Answer Source

You can use filter on your Array to remove those dictionaries from your array, check this example

var subitems: [[String:String]] = [
    ["groupid": "1", "b": "2"],
    ["groupid": "3", "b": "4"],
    ["groupid": "1", "b": "6"]

var filteredSubitems = subitems.filter{
    $0["groupid"] != "1" // change with your groupid

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