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Spring data-rest: set null value by PATCH request

I want to set null value to entity by sending null request.

For example:

PATCH: "{deleteDate: null}" to http://localhost/api/entity/1

But it doesn't work.

I found here information how PATCH requests processed:

  • An new instance of Foo is created

  • Foo is populated with all values that have been sent with the request

  • The Foo entity with the id provided by the URI is loaded

  • All properties that differ between the two objects are copied from the new Foo to the persisted Foo, unless the value is null in the new Foo.

Do I understand correctly that it is impossible to set value to NULL with PATCH request to spring-data-rest service API?


In Spring context null values in PATCH method means that there are no changes. If you want write null values you can

1) use PUT method;
2) implement your own DomainObjectMerger class, in which you can extend method merge with condition like

sourceValue != targetValue;

3) use DomainObjectMerger.NullHandlingPolicy configuration.
Depends on your Spring Data REST version.