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Swift Question

'Use of Unresolved Identifier' in Swift

So I have been making an app, and everything has been working great. But today I made a new class like usual and for some reason in this class I can't access Public/Global variable from other classes. All the other classes can, but now when ever I try to make a new class I can't. How would this be fixed?

I am using Swift and Xcode 6.

Working Class:

import UIKit
import Foundation
import Parse
import CoreData

var signedIn = true

class ViewController: UIViewController {

New Class:

import UIKit

class NewClass: UIViewController {

override func viewDidLoad() {

signedIn = false


But on
signedIn = false

I get
use of unresolved identifier signedIn

Answer Source

Hum... One possible issue is that your new classe has a different Target(s) from the other one.

For example, it might have a testing target and the other doesn't. For this specific case, you have to include all of your classes in the testing target or none of them.


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