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Not able to launch a pdf file in inappbrowser in android

I have a requirement to show a pdf in inappbrowser when user clicks on a link. It is working fine in ios but not working on android. I am using IBM worklight for my project. Below is the code I have used:"pdfURL","_blank","location=yes");

In ios the inappbrowser launches and displays the pdf but in android the inappbrowser is launches but no content is displayed

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Unlike iOS, which has a built-in PDF viewer - Android's webview does not have PDF viewer built-in.
This is why it is going to fail in Android.

You have 2 choices in Android:

  1. View the file using Google Docs by storing the file at a remote server and redirecting the user like so:''), '_blank', 'location=yes,EnableViewPortScale=yes');

  2. Or use a Cordova plug-in. For example this one (you can search in Google for more). For this, you'll need to learn how to create Cordova plug-ins in Worklight.

You can read more options here: Phonegap InAppBrowser display pdf 2.7.0

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